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The trend for winter tires acceptance with Canadian Consumers continues to increase with each passing year. It certainly can be confusing when you hear an industry talk about all season tires or all weather tires but make no mistake winter tires are the safest option in winter.

There are a number of proven reasons why winter tires provide consumers with the safest drive in all winter conditions. In Oakville, or the broader GTA, where we normally see less snow than other parts of the Country winter tires are still without a doubt the safest option.


The old term for winter tires still commonly used is “snow tires.” Calling winter tires, snow tires does not accurately explain where tire technology is today. Winter tires are now so advanced they are designed to meet more than just loose, hard packed, and deep snow. They are designed to provide increased traction on ice, slush, and wet cold surfaces.

Are winter tires safer than all season tires?

1. Rubber compound – the amount of natural rubber and other 200+ tire ingredients are mixed for various usage. Winter compounds are specifically designed to keep the handling characteristics in temperatures below 7 degrees celcius. Summer and All Season tire compounds can lose their elasticity in cold temperature which reduces safety.

2. Siping – These are the little cuts added to the tread rubber to create more biting edges into slippery surfaces. When you compare a summer tire, all season tire, and a winter and the variance in siping will become obvious to you.

Something to watch out for when making a purchase is how deep the sipes are. Are they superficial or do they extend the entire tread design to provide improved winter traction every year, not just the first season.


3. Tread Design – Think of the design of a Nascar of F1 tire. You have a very wide flat tread design built for maximum traction and mileage. Put a little water on the road and it results in zero traction.

Winter tires have to deal with all kinds of winter conditions requiring a more “aggressive” tread design. This results in the ability for snow, slush, and other winter challenges to escape the tire faster.

4. ICE – Would you believe us if we told you it actually isn’t the ice that should be the concern in winter? The worst conditions for winter driving are when the temperatures hover around freezing. As ice melts there is a layer of water formed on top of the ice that creates hydroplaning. The deadliest of winter conditions to deal with.

Advanced winter tire technology allows tires to remove the water from the top of the ice. By removing the water while rotating the tire can grab the ice underneath. In some cases, the tire actually absorbs the water which is pretty crazy.

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