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Why Different Vehicles And Wheels Need Different Tires

Why Different Vehicles and Wheels Need Different Tires

Wheels and tires: they’re pretty important parts of your automobile. But why are there different wheels and different tires? And which are best for your car?

Our Wheels And Tires Go Through A Lot.

There are many intricate components in our automobiles. The internal combustion engine (or the electric engine), the transmission, and even the suspension system are all remarkable feats of mechanics. But none of them mean anything without wheels and tires. The engine generates the power to move your vehicle, but without wheels that turn, all that energy is wasted.

Your tires, barring anything drastically bad happening, are the only part of your vehicle that ever touches the road. You can drive for a long time without your left turn signal working or without any window washer fluid—though you definitely shouldn’t—but if you’ve ever driven on the rims of your wheel for even a second, you know how important tires are. Our wheels and tires are subject to an incredible amount of stress and carry the burden of our vehicles, so it’s only natural that they need special care.

What Are Your Wheel Options?

At Adrena Garage, we offer wheel installation as well as wheel and tire packages. But what wheels are right for your vehicle? Cast wheels are simple, durable, affordable, and great for most vehicles. Hybrid forged wheels are often used in motorsport. Full forged wheels are often used for custom sets of wheels.

What Are Your Tire Options?

There are specially designed tires for winter driving and summer driving. All-seasons are adequate for any type of weather, but in Ontario, it’s highly advisable to switch to winters in winter. Only winter tires contain compounds that don’t stiffen and lose traction when the temperature dips below seven degrees. Summer tires, on the other hand, are specially designed to provide better traction and cornering on hot pavement.

At Adrena Garage, we also sell touring and all-terrain tires. We advise our clients which wheels and tires are right for their vehicle, whether it’s an SUV, hatchback, tow truck, or anything else. We carry a wide variety of brands of tire, including:

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At Adrena Garage, we can supply you with and install the perfect tires for your vehicle. We also provide a number of tire and wheel services, including tire rotation, tire balancing, and wheel alignments. If you would like to book an appointment for any of our services at our Oakville shop, you can do so here. If you would like to learn more about our many services, you can contact us via our website or you can call us at 647-990-1333.

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