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Why You Really Do Need Winter Tires in Winter

Every autumn Canadian drivers have winter tires installed on their vehicles. But why? Do you really need winter tires on your vehicle for the winter months?

Yes, you really do need winter tires in winter.

We’re not going to make you wait until the end of this article to give you a definite answer. We’re telling you upfront, yes, you do need winter tires in winter. Some people are mistrustful of what auto garages say. They think that sometimes somebody at an auto garage will make a product or service seem more necessary than it really is so they can charge their clients more money. Unfortunately, that does happen at some unscrupulous auto garages, but not at Adrena Garage. We are always honest with our clients, so you can trust us when we say you need winter tires in winter. And we have the science to prove it.

Winter tires are specially engineered for cold weather performance.

If you live in Oakville, you’re probably aware that driving around the Greater Toronto Area is not like driving in other parts of Canada in winter. The GTA doesn’t get the same amount of snow they get in Yellowknife, Winnipeg, or even Montreal. So why does a driver in Oakville need snow tires?

Well, calling them “snow tires” isn’t exactly correct. Nowadays, we encourage the term “winter tires” because winter driving isn’t just about driving on snow and ice. Icy roads are, of course, a major challenge, but the temperature itself is a key factor. Below seven degrees Celsius, the rubber compounds on other tires can’t grip the road as well, even a road in good conditions with no ice. This is true even of so-called all season and all weather tires.

Winter tires are built different.

While summer and all season tires lose their elasticity below seven degrees, winter tires maintain their structure to give you the handling you need to stop quickly, even on ice. Winter tires also have the little cuts, known as sipes, in the tread rubber which create edges in slippery surfaces. Winter tires also have a more “aggressive” tread which allows them to deal with snow and slush more efficiently.

Adrena Garage has the winter tires you need in Oakville, ON.

If you’re anywhere near Oakville, Adrena Garage can furnish you with the perfect winter tires for your vehicle and driving needs. If you would like to book an appointment for us to install your winter tires at our Oakville shop, you can do so here. If you would like to learn more about winter tires or our many services, you can contact us via our website or you can call us at 647-990-1333.


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