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What is Wheel Alignment? Do I Need My Wheels Aligned?

Wheel alignments are occasionally necessary to correct misalignments in vehicles. Could a wheel alignment be what your vehicle needs?

What is a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment is an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension. The suspension system is what connects a vehicle to its wheels. It’s called a “wheel alignment” but it doesn’t exactly adjust the wheels or the tires themselves. It’s more of a procedure to ensure that the wheels are aligned with the rest of suspension which means adjusting the angles of the tires to ensure they make contact with the road properly.

Why are wheel alignments important?

Wheel alignments are sometimes necessary because our vehicles go through a lot. There are bumpy roads, potholes, icy winter conditions, and a slew of other obstacles. All this wear and tear can cause things to come out of alignment. A wheel alignment fixes these misalignments to ensure you’re driving straight. A wheel alignment also prevents your wheels and tires from experiencing undue wear and tear.

When is a wheel alignment needed?

A misalignment of your vehicle’s steering and/or suspension will cause you to start to drift. This not only makes driving more difficult but also more dangerous. It also negatively affects fuel economy and generally causes uneven wear on tires. However, getting your wheels adjusted back to factory specifications can remedy these issues and get your vehicle operating efficiently again.

Do you need a wheel alignment in Oakville, ON?

If you have recently experienced minor collision, a big bump on an uneven road, or if you have had new tires installed, it’s likely that an alignment could be beneficial. This is also true if you’ve noticed your steering wheel pulling or uneven wear on your tires. Another reason to consider an alignment is if you’ve been driving on all-season tires for over a year, which can result in the wheels becoming misaligned.

At Adrena Garage, we can check the mechanical and electronic functions of your vehicle’s steering and suspension system. We use a wheel aligner that precisely measures the position and orientation of each wheel. We can perform two-wheel or four-wheel alignments. Our wheel aligner uses spring-loaded arms to grip the tire. This ensures there will be no potential rim damage from metal-to-metal contact.

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At Adrena Garage, wheel alignments are some of the many services we provide. If you are in or near Oakville and would like to book a wheel alignment, you can do so here. If you would like to learn more about wheel alignments or about any of our other services or products, you can contact us via our website or you can call us at 647-990-1333.

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