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Vehicle Inspections in Erindale, ON

The team at Adrena Garage is licensed and certified to complete your vehicle inspection, but you may be wondering what that means.

What is a Vehicle Inspection?

A vehicle inspection is typically a quick way to figure out what components of your vehicle are working properly, what might need to be fixed soon, and what should be serviced as soon as possible. With three main types of vehicle inspections, know which one is right for you.

Courtesy Inspection

A courtesy or complimentary car inspection is a visual inspection of the main components in your vehicle. This will typically cover everything from lights, over or under-inflated tires, dirty air filters, corroded battery terminals, all the way down to the condition of your wiper blades.

More often than not this is something that’s completed during your routine oil changes.

Multi-Point Inspection

A multi-point inspection is a more thorough inspection of your vehicle. We’ll take a deeper look at your vehicle and report back to you with a solid understanding of the safety and mechanical conditions of your vehicle.

Typically, everything from the courtesy inspection is covered as well as other key aspects such as:

  1. Fluid levels – inspect all of your vehicle’s fluids and ensure they’re at the optimal levels
  2. Belts and hoses – inspection of all belts and hoses for excess wear
  3. Brakes – check your braking system including all lines, and brake pads to give you an accurate timeline for when they’ll need to be replaced
  4. Battery – Test your battery to read its charge and give you an accurate timeline for replacement

The advantage to a multi-point inspection is that you’re less likely to be surprised by the need to replace a specific component. We can set you up on a service schedule and we’ll work with you to prevent any sudden expensive issues.

Safety Inspection

A Safety inspection is performed in Ontario to confirm that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards, put in place by the ministry of transportation, on the date the inspection was conducted. A safety inspection is not something that’s needed on a regular basis; however, there are specific instances when a safety standards certificate is necessary:

  1. Registering a rebuilt vehicle
  2. Transferring a used vehicle to a new owner (unless the new owner is your spouse)
  3. Registering a vehicle in Ontario that was bought in or came from another province, territory, or country
  4. Changing the status of a vehicle from unfit to fit

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