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Car Diagnostics in Burlington, ON

Vehicle diagnostics is the process of assessing a vehicle and determining the cause of any issues or problems it may have. At Adrena Garage we understand that as a vehicle owner, you have a pretty good understanding of your car – you know how it should drive and sound and smell.

However, if the check engine light comes on while driving, or you hear an abnormal noise it might be best to bring your car into our shop, where we can conduct a car diagnostics test. Our professionally trained technicians can complete this test for you and review any service or repairs that may be needed.

Car Diagnostics

What is a car diagnostic test?

In short, an auto diagnostic test can tell if there are any issues with your vehicles engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition, oil tank, battery and more! With all the advancements in technology, it’s about time that the automotive repair industry follows suit.

Shops now have computer systems that can analyze the vehicle components. This becomes more and more important as vehicles are built with more complex software and electrical systems. At Adrena Garage we can used a specialized software, scan tool to quickly and efficiently identify the problem with your vehicle. This software has built in processors, microchips and sensors to scan the vehicle in real time and identify needed auto repair.

How often should a car have a diagnostics scan?

The great thing about a diagnostics scan, is that drivers no longer have to wait for something to go wrong to catch the problem. Technicians can conduct a test at any point in time to see if there is an unidentified problem, or an issue that is growing over time and may get worse. They can then analyze and determine the best way to fix the problem.

Drivers can now take a more proactive approach rather than be reactive to a vehicle problem or break down. A diagnostic test isn’t needed every visit to your local tire and auto shop, but should be used to do any car troubleshooting. If you experience any strange car symptoms or sounds a quick scan may be worth it.

How long does a car diagnostic test take?

A standard car diagnostic test doesn’t take too long to complete. Every scan starts with a check engine light code reading, then a car diagnostic scanner to read the diagnostic trouble codes that appear. This will help indicate where the problem is on the vehicle. Once the error codes are gathered then the technicians can do some further investigating to get a full picture of what the problem is.

At Adrena Garage we like to work closely with each and every customer to make sure their vehicle is functioning properly and safely.  For more information on our car diagnostics services give the shop a call today!

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