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Summer Tires in Burlington, ON

As the summer season arrives, so does longer days, warm weather and best of all, road trips! We know the summer season is popular for car lovers in Burlington, as they can hit the road with their summer tires!

At Adrena Garage we offer a full tire catalog of summer and performance tires for our customers. We carry the best summer tires from top manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone and Yokohama to name a few.

summer tires

Summer performance tires may not be the most popular category on the market as they are only used for a short period of the year, however experienced drivers and vehicle enthusiasts today still value the outstanding performance of the best summer tires around.

What Are Summer Tires?

Summer tires are the exact opposite of winter tires. As winters are designed to provide excellent traction in cold temperatures on wet and/or cold roads, summers are the reverse. Sumer performance tires are created specifically for increased performance on warm, dry roads experienced in the warmer months.

These tires feature specialized tread patterns and tread compounds to enhance performance. Fewer grooves in the tread pattern allow the tires to put more surface area in contact with the road. The tread compounds are also created to be more flexible in warm weather allowing better grip and traction while driving.

Summer tires are designed by manufacturers with speed, agility and excellent performance in mind, hence why they are also called summer performance tires or high performance tires. Overall they offer better braking and cornering ability while providing grip and traction at high speeds.

Do summer tires work in the rain?

So, if summer tires are created for warm and dry conditions… are they safe to drive in the rain?

The short answer is yes; summer tires are suitable for driving in rain. The tread pattern in summer tires feature specific grooves that help repel or push water out to the side of the tire, so when driving in rainy conditions your tires will still keep even contact with the road. These tires having the ability to get rid of water quickly, helps avoid the unwanted scenario of hydroplaning.

Summer tires for sale – should you buy?

Considering buying a set of brand new summer tires? If you live somewhere where it never snows and it’s always warm weather while driving, summer tires are a no brainer! If you live in Burlington and the surrounding area, you are used to seeing snow and fluctuation in weather. So when shopping for summer tires you may want to consider these few things:

  • Your Budget
  • Your Environment

Knowing your budget can help determine if summer tires make sense for you. Summer and performance tires can be a more expensive rubber option for drivers. They cost more to purchase up front, and tend to wear down faster than other tires as well, due to their flexible tread compound and increased contact with the road.

Also being aware of your environment will help you decide if summer performance tires make sense for you. If you live in a location where the weather isn’t predictable, and you may get stuck in some colder conditions in the fall and spring, you may prefer buying an all season tire option.

At the end of the day, if you are a driving enthusiast looking for a tire that can push the limits, summer performance tires are for you. If having that increased agility and traction is important (even if for a short time during summer) than you may want to look at some brand new summer tire options. If you are just looking for a general non-winter tire, with priorities being affordable, standard performance, than all seasons may be the way to go.

Find the best summer tires in Burlington, ON

Are you looking for the best summer tires to buy for your vehicle? Adrena Garage offers a wide variety of tire options to meet your needs and budget. Whether you are searching for sticky track performance or increased fuel economy for your daily commute, we have it all!

We offer multiple different options for shopping tires at our shop in Burlington, ON.

If you are searching for a quick and easy quote, the first option is to search online with our Summer Tire Finder tool. Our website search tool offers quick results for all summer tires for sale at Adrena Garage, putting our entire catalog right at your fingertips! Simply fill out some basic vehicle information such as:

  • Vehicle year, make, model
  • Vehicle trim
  • Tire size
  • Desired Season

Once filled out, search Find Your Tires Now, and a recommended tire list will show meeting your selections .

If you are unsure about what tires you need, we recommend contacting the shop directly to book a summer tire consultation and speak with one of our professional service advisors. We can discuss your needs, driving habits, budget, etc. to help select the best summer tires for you!

To find the best summer tires for your vehicle, book an appointment or call Adrena Garage today! Continue reading below to see our Top 3 Summer Tire Recommendations

Summer Tire Review – 3 Best Summer Tires

If you like to do your research before making a purchase, these next few paragraphs are for you. Read below for our opinion on the 3 Best Summer Performance Tires available:

1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

Michelin Pilot Sport 4SThe powerful Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is a great option for performance. This tire is considered Michelin’s Max Performance Summer tire and was developed with the help of high-end car manufacturers to optimize the technologies used in the rubber compound.

The tires features support exceptional dry and wet traction, stability and grip. You can be driving on the track or the street and feel the unparalleled difference with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. This model also features Dynamic response technology and an Asymmetric tread pattern.


  • Exceptional steering precision and stability while driving
  • Top of the line, best in class wet surface performance
  • Enhanced tread life compared to previous Michelin Super Sport


  • High price tag
  • Limited sizing to higher-end vehicles

The Michelin Pilot Sport does also offer a Michelin Promise Plan. The Michelin Promise Plan comes with 60 day satisfaction guarantee, 3 years of roadside assistance and 50,000 kilometer Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty & Treadwear Warranty.

2. Continental ExtemeContact Sport

Continental ExtemeContact SportThe ExtremeContact Sport from Continental is another summer tire offering maximum performance for sport cars, luxury vehicle and high performing sedans. This tire was built alongside professional race car drivers to bring that track experience to the street. Featuring Sport Plus Technology, chamfered block edges, visual performance indicators and micro blocks this tire is sure to offer excellent tread life and impressive traction on the road.


  • Precise handling ability
  • Undoubtable excellent wet traction
  • Hydroplaning resistance

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport does offer a Total Confidence Package. The package comes with road hazard coverage, 50,000 kilometer Limited Tread Wear Warranty, 60 day customer satisfaction, tread wear out coverage and 3 year flat tire change roadside assistance.


  • Possible road noise
  • Not the most fuel efficient

3. Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500The Firehawk Indy 500 is one of the most popular ultra high performance summer tires out there. It offers great performance, and comes in at a reasonable price point for most drivers.  This tire is engineered with pulse groove technology and an aggressive looking tread pattern. Suitable for sport cars, coupes and sedans this tire has been a leader in the market since 2016.


  • Improved cornering at high speeds
  • Water evacuation technology
  • Responsive handling at high speeds
  • Lower price point for a performance tire


  • No tread life warranty
  • Offers a firm ride
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