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There are a few key reasons why Michelin dominates in the Ontario market as a market share leader of other tire brands. Why do retailers and consumers choose Michelin Tires when looking for the best?

  • Quality
  • Leading technology
  • Warranty

As a retailer in a competitive industry at Adrena Garage we do not want to provide a consumer with a product or service that results in you having to come back unnecessarily. When we install Michelin tires we know you will only have to come back for regular maintenance or seasonal change overs as scheduled.

As the local market leader in Oakville and the broader GTA Michelin builds high quality products that:

  • Provide a smooth ride
  • Low noise
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Highest level on confidence in unexpected driving situations
  • Performance like a new tire in every year

Without getting too “tire geeky” when talking about tire technology please let us explain some of the reasons why Michelin’s technology stands out.

1) Save When Worn – New generation products from Michelin are designed to provide consumers the same performance when tires are almost worn out as they do when they are new.

With most tires as the tread wears down over time so does the ability to provide the driver with the same confidence when they need it. This is especially true with their winter tires. The ability for Michelin to deliver to consumer’s season tires that out perform competitive brands when almost worn out is game changing.

2) Return on your investment – Michelin designs their tires to outlast other leading tire manufacturers with one additional year of tread life.

With an additional year of using Michelin’s product this brings down the overall cost of ownership significantly.

3) Max Touch Construction – All tires are not created equal. A tire can have the same size, speed rating, and load index but use less materials. Think Wendy’s hamburger vs their competitors (“they don’t cut corners”). The same is true with Michelin.

Although tire manufactures can reduce the amount of rubber actually creating the traction on the road Michelin creates the maximum contact patch (widest tread design) possible with every product.

Life happens for everyone and when something unanticipated comes up you want to know someone will have your back. You may be asking yourself what is Michelin’s warranty?

With every, yes every, tire Michelin manufacturers they provide:

1) 60 Day Assurances – If you are unsatisfied with your purchase within 60 days you can return them

2) Emergency Break Down roadside assistance – Have peace of mind that if any of the below occur, Michelin has you covered with your purchase:

  • Flat Tire change out
  • Free towing up to 250 KM
  • Gas delivery if you run out
  • They will help get you back in your car if you have locked yourself out.
  • Jump start your battery if it will not start


3) Mileage warranty on every tire – Including winter tires which in unheard of in the industry.

No matter the unanticipated event that comes up after you buy Michelin they have you covered.

Please feel free to contact us to ask more details on why Adrena clients choose Michelin, technology or warranty. To look for pricing and availability on Michelin for your ride you can find it here.

Thank you for considering Adrena Garage.


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