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Everyone is well aware of how impressive German products can be with brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. We add Continental Tire to the impressive list of high quality products and Global Brands that are based in Germany. If you are buying tires and you want an industry leader, confidence, and peace of mind with what you are putting on your vehicle Continental should be considered.

You may be surprised to know that Continental as an organization is more than four times larger than Goodyear Tire. They are one of the top suppliers to the automotive Original Equipment industry on the globe. Continental leads the way with manufacturing complex products and solutions for today’s sophisticated vehicles. They specialize in braking systems, interior electronics, and vehicle safety systems like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

We can not forget they also manufacturer, arguably the most complex vehicle component, tires. Continental Tire is the fourth largest tire manufacturer on the Globe. Over 30% of new vehicles in Europe are delivered with Continental tires from the factory. In order to have such a strong presence with Original Equipment Manufacturers and the replacement tire industry you have to produce products that create confidence.

As mentioned in our Best Winter Tires blog, tire manufacturers send their products to third party testing centres to have their products bench marked against the competition. Since 2010 Continental has had over 850 of their products tested from a third party. 715 of those tests have resulted in Continental products receiving the highest recommendation!

C:UsersmcalvertAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.WordConti TCP.PNG Continental Tire produces industry leading products for summer, winter, and all season fitments. Their passenger, SUV, and CUV, product range offers a wide range of tire sizing to accommodate the majority of consumers.

Once you have invested in a new set of tires you want to make sure the
manufacturer will stand behind you. Continental offers
their Total Confidence Plan to give you peace of mind.

With every set of Continental Tires you purchase you get:


  1. Road Hazard

    This use to be an industry standard but years ago most every tire manufacturer removed this as part of their warranty. If you damage your tires within the first year of owning them Continental will provide a free comparable replacement. Should you hit a pothole, curb, or run something over that ruins the tire in the first year you are 100% covered for the tire.

  2. Emergency Roadside Service

    Continental has you covered should you run into a flat tire. They will provide a free change or free towing up to 250 KM’s at no charge. In order to qualify after purchase you simply need to register your vehicle at and you are good to go.If trouble occurs you simply call their 24/7 call centre and they will get you moving anywhere in Canada, United States, and Puerto Rico.

  3. Customer Satisfaction Trial

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first two months, or 2/32nds of the tire you can just bring them back. Continental will provide you will a comparable replacement if you are not 100% satisfied.

  4. Limited Warranty

    All Continental tires are covered for 72 months from the manufacturer date for any product quality issues. If there is a quality issue within the first twelve months, or 2/32nds, the tire is replaced for free.

Should you have any questions about Continental Tires or want more detail on their warranty please feel free to contact us. If you are looking for pricing and availability you can find it both here.

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