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Best Winter Tires Oakville At Adrena Garage

Best Winter Tires Oakville at Adrena Garage

Is there really a difference from one winter tire to the next? Considering most consumers do not get excited about tire purchases it is not uncommon for us to ask this question. Let’s first consider products we do purchase that we enjoy.

  • Is one TV better than another?
  • Is one set of hockey skates better than another?
  • Is one guitar better than another?

We know the answers here and it is the same with winter tires. So what makes one winter tire better than the other? The same that makes any other product the best. Hundreds of millions of dollars invested into Research and Development to continue to outperform other products to keep you staying safe.

How do you know if one tire is better than the other in winter conditions?

  • Safety – Manufacturers benchmark stopping distances in all winter conditions. Quite often this is done by third party research companies and published
  • Control – Slalom and cornering testing is also done extensively to measure the increase in confidence while driving in all winter conditions
  • Reliability – Premium tires will continue to perform year after year as they do in the first year you own them. This is most certainly not the case with more economically positioned tires and some major brands you may know. To prove this, tires are shaved down to almost worn out conditions and then they are tested for performance in all winter conditions to evaluate against new competitive tires
  • Durability – There are very few tires that offer a mileage warranty on winter products. Trying to get a tire that maximizes winter traction and lasts more than three winter seasons is extremely difficult. It is also extremely costly to do this but some high quality tires deliver.
  • Versatility – Forget about just snow tires.  We generally do not have to deal with deep snow very often in Oakville or the surrounding communities. Having a tire that provides increased safety and confidence in all of the winter conditions (cold, wet, slush, ice, & snow) we drive in is a must. Only the best can do this.

When it comes to considering which brand is the best for winter we know what it takes already. Again, hundreds of millions of dollars for research and development. In order to be able to make such large investments a tire manufacturer has to be extremely large and profitable. The few who make our list of the best are:

  • Michelin – By far the leader in Ontario by market share. Retailers all across the Province choose Michelin first. We know we can install & balance the tires and not worry about a customer coming back with problems. They are one of the few who truly check all the above boxes.
  • Continental – A titan in the industry. Not only with tire manufacturing but as a manufacturer of many automotive products in the industry. They are the largest vendor to many of the Original Equipment car manufacturers.
  • Bridgestone – Also a global leader in the tire industry. Their winter line up has always been known to many as an industry best.

For most everyday drivers, understanding the technical differences with products is difficult. Please feel free to have us explain in more detail what manufacturer and model would be best for your winter driving. You can either contact us today or feel free to shop online.

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