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Vehicle Suspension System Hamilton, ON

Driving on a road with potholes? Maybe you find yourself in a situation where your car hits a bump? Chances are your suspension system softened the blow. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of the suspension in your vehicle.

At Adrena Garage we know that to appreciate the benefits of your vehicle’s suspension system, you should actually understand what it is first.

Vehicle Suspension System

What is a car suspension system?

In short, the suspension system in your car is a series of interconnected shock-absorbing components that ensure your tires stay in contact with the road and increasing tire friction. As a result, the driver experiences steering stability, easier handling, and a more comfortable ride.

The suspension system of your car is a part of the chassis, a carriage that the main cabin of your car sits on. The suspension system connects the cabin to the wheels and is the reason that you’re able to have a smooth ride.

There are a few main components of your suspension systems include:

1)  Springs – They are a key factor in controlling the height and load of the suspension and cabin. There are three types of springs used in suspension systems: coil springs, leaf springs and torsion bar.

  • Coil springs are commonly used since they are compact, can be mounted easily and have a great product lifespan.
  • Leaf springs are long, thin parts that are loaded in bending. They are made of several layers of thin metal to create the correct spring rate needed.
  • Torsion bars rely on the twist of a long bar to provide a spring rate. These mount across the bottom portion of a vehicle and can be more difficult to package and others listed above.

2)  Shocks – Shocks, also referred to as shock absorbers help to absorb the energy that your tires transfer to the vehicle as the rubber meets the road to keep your ride as smooth as possible. They use a piston cylinder as well as adjustable valves to control the flow of hydraulic fluid to set the damping force when driving over bumps, pot holes or any uneven roads. This allows for better vehicle ride and control for the driver and any passengers.

3)  Rods/linkages – These components link other parts of the suspension system together. There are a number of various shaped links that can be used depending on the unique suspension system. These can be straight bars, or unique stamped shapes that will fit best to support springs, shocks and wheels onto the vehicle structure.

4)  Joints/bearings – These components allow for movement of the suspension system. Ball joints are made of a bearing stud and socket. These fit securely in a casing and their purpose is to connect the control arm to the steering components and support smooth and solid movement for the vehicle.

It’s quite common for your car to have a suspension system for its front wheels and a separate one for the rear axle.

What does a suspension system do?

As mentioned above, your suspension system helps absorb any shock you might feel while driving but what does that mean?

Imagine if your car didn’t have a suspension system. Every bump that your car rolls over interacts with the wheels that apply upwards force, perpendicular to the way that a car is meant to move. The larger the bump, the more force.

Without a suspension system, you would feel significantly more force within the frame of the car and your ride would feel much less comfortable.

So basically:

  1. Suspension helps to absorb the extra energy from the contact between your wheels and the road
  2. Suspension keeps your ride smooth and comfortable.

Why does this matter?

Now that you know what your suspension system is made of, and what it is made to do, why is it so important?

  1. Your suspension system is designed to maximize the friction between your tires and the road. The more friction you experience, the safer your drive will be.
  2. Suspension is a key component to a comfortable ride, minimizing the shock felt by passengers
  3. Since suspension mitigates the shock felt by you and your vehicle, it can actually help to minimize the wear and tear of other components in your vehicle

Signs you may need suspension repair

After learning what suspension includes for your vehicle, how do you know if your vehicle needs suspension repair? Read below to learn of some of the most common indicators that your vehicle needs attention:

  • Vehicle rides roughly: typically drivers can start to tell when their suspension system is wearing out, as you can start to feel every bump on the road while driving. Suspension systems are built to combat the uneven roads, so this may be an indicator.
  • Drifting or pulling when turning: as the shocks wear down over time they will no longer keep the vehicle body secure against the centrifugal force of a turn. If you feel like sensation while driving around a corner, you need to book an appointment immediately.
  • Front end dips when stopping: As the suspension wears on your vehicle you will notice when you need to stop abruptly, or press the brakes firmly, the front end of your vehicle may push forward in a downward angle. If this happens to you while driving, your vehicle needs attention.
  • Uneven tire tread wear: Taking a close look at your tires can also indicate if your suspension may be out. Tires should wear evenly over their lifespan. If you notice your tire tread is uneven, say seeing some balding happening in 1 place on the tire, then this may be a symptom of your suspension system not supporting the vehicle evenly. Uneven pressure on the tires can be an indicator to have your suspension system looked at.

Book your suspension work with Adrena Garage

We know it’s always worthwhile to understand the inner workings of your vehicle but we’d never expect you to do the work yourself. If you find that your daily commute is feeling a little bumpier, or you suspect that there is an issue with your suspension system, book your appointment with Adrena Garage. We’ll have our trained technicians take a look and diagnose the issue. After confirming with you, we will proceed to fix the issue.

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