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Fluid Changes in Erindale, ON

Your vehicle is full of many different fluids that do many different things. Some you might be quite familiar with, such as the motor oil; others, you might not know as much about, like power steering fluid. At Adrena Garage in Erindale, ON, our trained technicians will help you to understand what intervals are best when it comes to changing the fluids in your vehicle.

Fluid Service

Oil Change

Getting an oil change is probably one of the most frequent things that you do to service your vehicle. The general consensus for oil change intervals is every 5,000 km or 3 months, our team is committed to making sure you get the best out of your vehicle.

We’ll ask you questions like:

  1. What type of oil is currently in your vehicle?
  2. How frequently are you driving?
  3. How far are you driving?

With this information and knowledge of your vehicle’s make and model, we’ll be able to tell you how frequently your oil should be changed.

Transmission Fluid Service

Whether you drive an automatic transmission or manual transmission, the fluid is a key aspect of keeping it, cool, clean, and lubricated enough to function optimally. Our team believes that the best bet when it comes to this fluid service is to follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. We’ll drain and fill your transmission with new fluid that is OEM certified.

Brake Fluid Service

Brakes are one of the major safety components of your vehicle and should be in peak conditions at all times. If you begin to notice a decrease in performance, our technicians will diagnose and fix this problem. If you’re noticing dirty brake fluid or you’re unsure of the last brake fluid inspection, we can take a look.

Power Steering Fluid

Although some vehicles now use electrically assisted power steering, your vehicle might be hydraulically assisted. If this is the case, the fluid should be changed every 50,000 km. This will help to extend the life of your steering components.

Book Your Service at Adrena Garage

It is important to remember that the fluid change intervals differ from vehicle to vehicle and from driver to driver. If you’re wondering whether or not your vehicle is in need of a fluid service, give us a call. We’ll conduct some preliminary questions and book you in for an appointment. Call us at 647-990-1333

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