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All Season Tires in Hamilton, ON

All season tires are a popular option for many Canadians in today’s market. Manufacturers created the term “all season” to describe tires that can perform at a standard level for all seasons. That being said, tires developed for all season usage lack certain features that seasonal specific tires are made for.

All Season Tires

For example, for all season tires, manufacturers have lessened some wet weather traction in order to increase mobility in the colder months. All season tires are a logical option or some drivers, however it is important to know that they will never perform better than a tire designed for a specific season.

All season tires are perfect for drivers to use during spring, summer and fall driving because they are designed to provide traction in warm, dry and slightly wet road conditions. The tires are designed to offer a quiet ride, low rolling resistance, and traction for almost any driving condition.

Are All Season Tires Good for Winter?

All season tires are not recommended for driving in winter conditions with snow and ice on the road. They are constructed with a specific rubber compound to help provide them a longer tread life.

The trade-off of this is that they lose traction in colder weather. The all season tread compound is a harder type, so when the temperature drops below 7°C the rubber becomes even harder which isn’t ideal for winter driving. All season tires tend to have a shallower tread design, so when driving in snow and/or slush the tires can’t push the debris away as well, compromising the traction of the tire.

Why Choose All Season Tires

Just as other types of tires do, all season tires have their own pros and cons to consider before buying. If you are looking for guidance on which tires to buy, give our shop a call in Hamilton, ON. Our service advisors will be happy to help narrow down your options! If you would like to keep reading first, see below for some of the benefits of buying all season tires:

  • Overall driving safety. Buying the right set of all season tires helps improve your contact with the ground in multiple conditions. This allows you to move steadily and keep better control of your vehicle on multiple terrains.
  • Improved traction. As mentioned above, all season tires focus on keeping the tires in contact with the road. This also helps with traction when driving through unexpected weather such as rain. The tread pattern of all season tires helps evacuate water to avoid hydroplaning.
  • Can be driven year round. You can get a lot out of your all season tires. Extended tread life keeps your set of all season tires on the road for years. Although we recommend having designated tires for the winter months in Canada, all seasons will get you through all the other seasons safely.
  • Fuel Efficiency. All season tires are well balanced and evenly structured, which can help a driver keep control of their vehicle. Their responsiveness and handling can help with fuel economy during travel, which everyone is a fan of!
  • Improved Performance. All season tires are in it for the long haul. They are designed to travel through rain and wet roads while still keeping your ride smooth. They are designed to have longer tread life, so you can get more kilometers out of your ride while still having better grip, traction, and braking and fuel economy.

Best All Season Tires

At Adrena Garage we are pleased to offer a wide range of tires for customers in the Hamilton and surrounding area. We work with all the top brands to ensure clients can get the best tires for their driving habits and budget. Some of the top all season tire brands include:


Michelin has always been a big name in the industry, selling Michelin all season tires to drivers across the Globe. Michelin is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality tires for all types of vehicles. Looking for some Michelin all season tire options? Check out the Michelin Defender T+H, Michelin Pilot Sport or their newest release of the Michelin CrossClimate 2!


Goodyear is another company that has been around for years. The American brand has a wide range of all season tires for customers to choose from.

Goodyear products more than just all season tires, offering an extensive selection of consumer tires for cars, trucks, and even the Lunar Lander tires with NASA. They focus on delivering a dependable ride for drivers with excellent performance. Are you interested in Goodyear all season tires? Check out their Goodyear Assurance line up, featuring tires that offer a smooth ride, enhanced fuel savings and confident traction.


A newer company than some of the main competitors, Firestone has made an impact on the market. Initially Firestone manufactured industrial tires, and then began to expand its product offering into the retail market.

Their all season lineup offers balanced performance that you can count on all year long. If you are looking for Firestone all season tires, check out their Destination line up for SUV’s/CUV’s and light trucks. They also have an extended tread life option with their Champion Fuel Fighter all season tire for passenger vehicles.

There can be a lot to learn when you are trying to find the right tire. Top things to always consider are your unique driving habits. Are you looking for extended warranty, durability, safety and/or budget friendly options?

If you are still unsure of what all season tires are right for you, send us a message to give us a call or text at 647-990-1333. Our team at Adrena Garage will be happy to chat and discuss which tires may fit you best!

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