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Adrena is home to people who love cars! Originally founded by three friends, with a deep passion for cars, looking to build a garage that they could call their second home. The Adrena family has since flourished and now includes many new members, all of which have deep automotive roots, any many of which you’ll see occasionally on the track.

A diverse and expansive automotive background enables us to work on just about all vehicles. Wheel, tire, and suspension is our specialty, reinforced by years of racing experience. This background also equips us to provide advice, service and installation for all performance modifications.

Adrena also has a strong relationship with a variety of local car groups, as we are always excited to share our automotive passion with the community. We host regular car meets paired with community fund raising to promote car enthusiams for a good cause. This has allowed us to become honorable members of some of the best car communities in Ontario.

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At Adrena Garage, we are constantantly in pursuit of higher standards. The difference between a good and a bad auto shop is all in the details, and we’ve worked hard to build a shop that not only delivers quality work at an affordable price, but also delivers a premium experience. Our mission is to deliver the best possible customer experience through honest practice, open communication and transparent quoting.

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